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时间:2023-03-02  来源:torproject  作者:pavel 条评论
原题:The Results Are In: Furthering Our Mission In The Global SouthkNC免费翻墙网
In 2017, the Tor Project developed and launched its Global South Strategy (GSS) which was conceived as a means to establish closer ties and build better relationships with at-risk communities in the Global South and to understand how we can remove common barriers to the adoption of our services. The goal is to empower people to be more secure on the internet by prioritizing a user-centric approach for the development of Tor technologies and products.

Following the success of the first five years of the program, we engaged Firetail, a strategy consultancy working to achieve social progress, to conduct a thorough assessment of our approach. We wanted to track and measure progress towards the above goals. Today, we are pleased to share this evaluation report, its findings and recommendations with our community.kNC免费翻墙网

We would love to take the opportunity to thank all of our community members, partners and supporters for all the resources that they have dedicated. Special thanks to Sida, The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, that has sponsored the strategy development.kNC免费翻墙网

You can find the full evaluation report further here. But for the TL;DR you can read the rest of this post.kNC免费翻墙网

What's The Significance of Tor's Global South Strategy?

  • Journalists, activists, human rights defenders, and at-risk communities face increasing censorship, surveillance, and prosecution, particularly in East Africa and Latin America.
  • While the Tor Project offers a variety of safe anonymity services and products, accessibility, usability, awareness and education have historically been a challenge to at-risk communities in the Global South.
  • That's why the GSS consists of four, interconnected program components: (1) Improving the usability of Tor knowledge resources, (2) capturing and communicating usability issues, (3) in-country outreach to conduct training events, (4) and building better software and scaling the programme -- all of which have been evaluated

What Were The Key Findings?

  • As part of its GSS, Tor was able to shift perception from an academic/hacker organization to one that is more community-focused. It has become the connective tissue between developers and users on the ground. However, there is an opportunity to communicate the GSS more coherently and consistently to internal teams.
  • The Tor Project can scale the GSS through better formalization and strategic partnerships, and there is a general consensus among stakeholders that Tor tools have improved and knowledge resources have become more accessible for Global South users since the launch of the program.
  • The GSS has strengthened partners' capabilities and supported their work to further their missions. Concrete examples include accessing blocked information, overcoming censorship and empowering minority groups and at-risk communities. However, there is an ongoing need for GSS activities in the future, especially when it comes to reaching members in less concentrated regions.

What's Next?

  • The GSS has brought Tor staff closer to its users in the Global South, and supported marked improvements in Tor tools. The UX team has demonstrated that ethical, transparent, and non-invasive data collection from users is possible. External stakeholders report that Tor is responsive to user feedback.
  • There is an ongoing need for GSS activities, and the project should consider better tailoring and teaching of more technical tools to non-technical audiences. The GSS should also use user personas to drive the structure and focus areas of the training sessions, with opportunities for partnering with peer organizations. Systematic feedback from the UX team to the developers and other relevant teams could be improved to support the cadence for product development.
  • The GSS is a critical strategy for the Tor Project in connecting with its Global South users, particularly those in regions with increasing challenges to digital rights. While there have been marked improvements in Tor tools and the organization's response to user feedback, there is a need for better coordination within the community and more consistency in internal as well as external communication.

Increasing Reach and Improving Relevance

We have set those key findings in motion and are excited to advance into the next phase of this project. It will involve building and iterating on the successful building blocks to foster proactive outreach, to facilitate networking among like-minded people and to capitalize on opportunities to grow the community by targeting more underserved communitieskNC免费翻墙网

Stay tuned for more updates.kNC免费翻墙网
2017年,TOR项目制定并启动了其全球南方战略(GSS),该战略被认为是建立紧密联系并与全球南方高风险社区建立更好的关系的一种手段,并了解我们如何消除通用的障碍 采用我们的服务。 目的是通过优先考虑以用户为中心的方法来开发TOR技术和产品,使人们更加安全。kNC免费翻墙网
在该计划的前五年成功之后,我们参与了一项旨在实现社会进步的战略咨询公司,以对我们的方法进行彻底评估。 我们想跟踪和衡量朝着上述目标的进步。 今天,我们很高兴与我们的社区分享此评估报告,其发现和建议。kNC免费翻墙网
我们很乐意借此机会感谢我们所有专门的资源的社区成员,合作伙伴和支持者。 特别感谢瑞典国际发展合作局SIDA赞助了战略制定。kNC免费翻墙网
您可以在此处进一步找到完整的评估报告。 但是对于TL; DR,您可以阅读本文的其余部分。kNC免费翻墙网
这就是为什么GSS由四个相互联系的程序组成部分组成的原因:(1)提高TOR知识资源的可用性,(2)捕获和传达可用性问题,(3)国内外展活动以进行培训活动,(4)和更好地建立培训和更好的建筑。 软件并扩展程序 - 所有这些都已评估kNC免费翻墙网
作为GSS的一部分,Tor能够将感知从学术/黑客组织转变为更注重社区的组织。 它已成为开发人员和地面用户之间的结缔组织。 但是,有机会将GSS更加连贯,一致地与内部团队进行交流。kNC免费翻墙网
GSS增强了合作伙伴的能力,并支持他们的工作以进一步推进任务。 具体的例子包括访问被阻止的信息,克服审查制度以及赋予少数群体和高危社区权力。 但是,将来需要GSS活动,尤其是在吸引较少集中地区的成员时。kNC免费翻墙网
GSS使TOR员工更靠近全球南部的用户,并支持了TOR工具的明显改进。 UX团队已经证明,从用户那里收集了道德,透明和非侵入性数据。 外部利益相关者报告说,Tor对用户反馈有反应。kNC免费翻墙网
GSS活动的需求持续不断,该项目应考虑对非技术受众的更多技术工具进行更好的裁缝和教学。 GSS还应使用用户角色来推动培训课程的结构和重点领域,并与同伴组织合作。 可以改进从UX团队到开发人员和其他相关团队的系统反馈,以支持产品开发的节奏。kNC免费翻墙网
GSS是TOR项目与全球南方用户联系的关键策略,尤其是那些在数字权利挑战越来越多的地区。 尽管TOR工具和组织对用户反馈的反应有了明显的改进,但社区内有更好的协调,并且内部和外部交流的一致性更高。kNC免费翻墙网
我们已经将这些关键发现设定在运动中,并很高兴能够晋升为该项目的下一阶段。 它将涉及建造和迭代成功的构建基础,以促进积极主动的宣传,促进志趣相投的人之间的建立联系,并通过针对更多服务不足的社区来利用发展社区的机会kNC免费翻墙网

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