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Tor:Mullvad VPN推出了Mullvad浏览器

时间:2023-04-07  来源:torproject  作者:伊莎贝拉 条评论


多年来,Mullvad 和 Tor 项目一直是同一个社区的一部分,该社区致力于开发优先考虑保护人们隐私权的技术。Mullvad 以最高级别的会员 Shallot 为 Tor 项目做出贡献,并且是 Tor 项目会员计划的创始成员。他们找到我们帮助他们开发浏览器,因为他们想利用我们的专业知识来创建一种基于与 Tor 浏览器相同的原理和安全级别构建的产品——但独立于 Tor 网络工作。其结果是Mullvad浏览器,一个免费的,保护隐私的网络浏览器,挑战了利用人们的数据牟利的普遍商业模式。mwh免费翻墙网

为什么要使用 Mullvad 浏览器?

简而言之:Mullvad 浏览器是没有 Tor 网络的 Tor 浏览器——一个允许任何人利用 Tor 项目创建的所有浏览器隐私功能的浏览器。如果人们想将浏览器与他们信任的VPN连接,他们可以轻松做到。mwh免费翻墙网

我们的目标是为用户提供没有 Tor 的 Tor 浏览器的隐私保护。例如,Mullvad浏览器通过为其所有用户创建类似的指纹,对在线隐私应用“隐藏在人群中”的方法。浏览器的“开箱即用”配置和设置将掩盖许多通常用于从个人设备中提取信息的参数和功能,这些信息可以使其可识别,包括字体、呈现的内容和多个硬件 API。默认情况下,Mullvad 浏览器启用了隐私模式,阻止第三方跟踪器和 Cookie,并可以轻松删除同一会话期间访问页面之间的 Cookie。mwh免费翻墙网

Mullvad 浏览器是互联网用户的另一种选择,他们正在寻找不需要一堆扩展和插件来增强他们的隐私并减少可能意外取消匿名化自己的因素的隐私浏览器。与市场上的其他浏览器不同,Mullvad 浏览器的商业模式不依赖于利用用户的行为数据。mwh免费翻墙网


我们在 Tor 项目的使命是通过构建保护人们隐私、提供匿名性并帮助他们绕过审查的技术来促进人权。我们希望为人们提供选择,并向世界展示,通过这样的合作伙伴关系,您可以根据这些价值观创造技术。mwh免费翻墙网

这就是为什么我们抓住机会帮助 Mullvad 使用他们的浏览器。我们同意他们的观点,即存在对按照与 Tor 浏览器相同标准构建的浏览器的需求。mwh免费翻墙网

我们希望激励其他技术建设者和组织从我们的剧本中吸取教训 - 并将隐私视为可以增强用户体验的“功能” - 而不是事后的想法。与Mullvad的合作表明,有可能构建隐私保护技术,像我们一样保护用户,而不是相互竞争。mwh免费翻墙网

这对我们和 Tor 浏览器意味着什么?

让我们明确一点:Tor 浏览器将继续存在,我们将继续迭代和改进它和我们的其他服务。我们知道,全球数以百万计的用户依靠 Tor 浏览器和 Tor 项目提供的其他解决方案来安全地连接到互联网、匿名在线浏览和规避审查。因此,Tor 浏览器将继续存在。mwh免费翻墙网

继续维护和改进 Tor 浏览器的原因有很多,它仍然是为数不多的提供在线匿名性的解决方案之一,因为它通过 Tor 网络汇集流量。隐私浏览器和 Tor 网络是一个强大的组合,有时是被审查和监视的用户在其所在地区自由安全地访问互联网的少数选择之一。Tor 浏览器也是所有人的免费解决方案,使其成为处于危险中的人们负担得起的解决方案。mwh免费翻墙网

这个与 Mullvad 的联合项目为 Tor 浏览器带来了积极的变化,使我们能够解决遗留问题,修复 Tor 浏览器的漏洞,并进行必要的用户体验改进,使 Tor 和 Mullvad 浏览器以及全球隐私保护技术生态系统受益。而且,在过去的五年中,Tor 项目推出了许多举措,以增加我们技术的采用,并对我们自己产品的可用性进行了重大改进。我们目前正在努力开发更多内容!mwh免费翻墙网

我们鼓励您查看 Mullvad 浏览器及其功能。它可以在没有Mullvad VPN的情况下使用,尽管建议使用组合。如果您想了解有关此合作伙伴关系的更多信息,可以访问。mwh免费翻墙网

We've Teamed Up With Mullvad VPN to Launch the Mullvad Browsermwh免费翻墙网
Today we announced the launch of the Mullvad Browser, a browser built by the Tor Project team and distributed by Mullvad.mwh免费翻墙网
Mullvad and the Tor Project have been part of the same community that is dedicated to developing technology that prioritizes protecting people's right to privacy for many years now. Mullvad contributes to the Tor Project at the highest level of membership, Shallot, and were a founding member of the Tor Project's Membership Program. They approached us to help them develop their browser because they wanted to leverage our expertise to create a product that is built on the same principles and with similar safety levels as the Tor Browser -- but that works independently of the Tor network. The result is the Mullvad Browser, a free, privacy-preserving web browser to challenge the all-too-prevalent business model of exploiting people's data for profit.mwh免费翻墙网
Why use the Mullvad Browser?mwh免费翻墙网
In short: the Mullvad Browser is Tor Browser without the Tor Network -- a browser that allows anyone to take advantage of all the browser privacy features the Tor Project has created. If people want to connect the browser with a VPN they trust, they can easily do so.mwh免费翻墙网
Our goal was to give users the privacy protections of Tor Browser without Tor. For instance, the Mullvad Browser applies a "hide-in-the-crowd" approach to online privacy by creating a similar fingerprint for all of its users. The browser's 'out-of-the-box' configurations and settings will mask many parameters and features commonly used to extract information from a person's device that can make them identifiable, including fonts, rendered content, and several hardware APIs. By default, Mullvad Browser has private mode enabled, blocks third-party trackers and cookies, and makes it easy to delete cookies between visiting pages during the same session.mwh免费翻墙网
The Mullvad Browser is another option for internet users who are looking for a privacy browser that doesn't need a bunch of extensions and plugins to enhance their privacy and reduce the factors that can accidentally de-anonymize themselves. And unlike other browsers on the market, Mullvad Browser's business model does not rely on capitalizing on users' behavioral data.mwh免费翻墙网
Why collaborate?mwh免费翻墙网
Our mission at the Tor Project is to advance human rights by building technology that protects people's privacy, provides anonymity and helps them bypass censorship. We want to give people options and demonstrate to the world that through partnerships like these, you can create technology with these values in mind.mwh免费翻墙网
That is why we jumped at the opportunity to help Mullvad with their browser. We agree with them that demand for a browser that is built to the same standards as Tor Browser exists.mwh免费翻墙网
We hope to inspire other tech builders and organizations to take a page out of our playbook --and think of privacy as a 'feature' that can enhance user experience-- and not as an afterthought. This collaboration with Mullvad illustrates that it is possible to build privacy-preserving technology that protects users like ours does together, rather than in competition with each other.mwh免费翻墙网
What does that mean for us and Tor Browser?mwh免费翻墙网
Let's be clear: Tor Browser is here to stay, and we'll continue to iterate and improve on it and our other services. We know that millions of users around the world rely on Tor Browser and other solutions that the Tor Project offers to safely connect to the internet, to browse anonymously online and to circumvent censorship. Therefore Tor Browser will continue to exist.mwh免费翻墙网
There are a lot of reasons to continue to maintain and improve Tor Browser, it is still one of the few solutions that provides anonymity online because it funnels traffic through the Tor network. A privacy browser plus the Tor network is a powerful combination and sometimes one of the few options that censored and surveilled users have in their region to freely and safely access the internet. Tor Browser is also a free solution for all, making it an affordable solution for people at risk.mwh免费翻墙网
This joint project with Mullvad has brought positive changes to Tor Browser by allowing us to address legacy issues, fix vulnerabilities for Tor Browser and make necessary UX improvements that benefit both Tor and Mullvad Browsers, as well as the global privacy-preserving tech ecosystem. And, over the last five years, the Tor Project has launched a number of initiatives to increase adoption of our technologies and made significant improvements to the usability of our own products. And we are currently working on more to come!mwh免费翻墙网
We encourage you to check out the Mullvad Browser and its capabilities. It can be used without Mullvad VPN, although the combination is recommended. If you want to learn more about this partnership, you can visit
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